Gradn Prize Winner
Program Note

This work is almost made up by Glissandi, since orchestra piece is not a new composition concept. In my own view, Glissando has a neutral feature of sounds, it includes many parameters of other sound features, so that it is a medium with multiple sound effects. For instance, there are microtones, even micro-rhythms and micro-tempos in Glissando, because the progress of its movement is not equal. This causes a lot of uncertainties in it as well as necessities, for uncertainty always exists necessarily. It is the uncertainty that arise my interests. I don't want to treat Glissando only as a kind of articulation, or a form or structure of work, but want to intensively observe all its details and relations between them. In this works, Glissando is not adopted as an abstract sound material, nor as a tune for decoration, but used as base point or core of my work according to its multiple sound features, from which we can seek for more possibilities. For example, I always use Glissando in a framework of cords as a whole. In this framework, the whole chords are in movement because every tone in the chords has its own rhythm and direction, and all movements happen in the framework. In my work there are also traces with features of movements of Glissando, but the work is not strictly played by Glissando. In these traces there are features of melody. That is, a transformation from a abstract medium form of music with symbolic features, to music thoughts which seems to have traditional musical features